Terminal & Departures

  • Miami is the world’s busiest cruise passenger port in the world, handling some four million passengers a year. Mobile, on the other hand, is much smaller, with an annual estimate of 170,000 cruisers.
  • The terminal buildings, even in PortMiami, are very basic in comparison to an airport terminal, offering very few facilities other than vending machines and restrooms – certainly no Duty Free offering.
  • In terms of demographics, the passengers were 95% American, with some Europeans, Canadians and Asians.
  • There was a broad spectrum of ages, from Millennials, Generation Xers and Baby Boomers. Some young couples, lots of young families, older couples and groups of friends.
  • Similar to the American ports, at Tokyo there is no Duty Free store.
  • Passengers were mainly of Asian nationalities (Japanese and Chinese) of which there were 2-3 large accompanied tour groups.
  • There was a small amount of European nationalities – mostly Italian.
  • The age group was mainly in the 50-70's range.
  • Likewise, the passengers at Shanghai were almost all Chinese, with an estimated 10 Westerners out of a total passenger compliment of 4800.
  • Once past immigration there was a China Duty Free.
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